Dear Yuki friends the little Panda Thanks you all for your interest and support!

By purchasing our paid version or your donation, you get access to more games, animals heal with dual-syringes, bonuses etc.

You can also win Yuki prizes (T shirts, pens, pencils, notebooks with our Yuki Panda logos ...) by participating in our game score!

While playing and learning with Yuki, you can also help other children!

Indeed, we will give at the end of each year, a portion of profits to Emergency Departments for the management of children's pain and stress, such as books "Little Yuki Panda goes to emergency", (currently available and already distributed in ED), or evaluation tools against pain etc..

A small medical committee will look after our action and you can follow the donations on our website

We want you to share games, prevention, healthcare in an ethical and friendly environment! Isn't this obvious for a Panda!

And above all Have Fun!!!


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